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Apex Launcher

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Looking for a way to render your Android desktop to perfection? Say no more, Apex Launcher Apk is here to help!

When we talk about a launcher, we are referring to the home screen of a smartphone, the app drawer, the notifications menu, and quick settings, in short to the experience of navigation in the interface.

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The Apex Launcher Apk is actually a real application which has the task of organizing and launching the other applications and which, in general, deals with the interaction between the user and the device.

The launcher launches automatically once installed, the only requirement is to set them as the default launcher.

The number of launchers that can be installed is unlimited, but of course, you can only use one at a time and you will have to manage the space available on the internal memory of your Android.

Apex Launcher is probably one of the oldest and most popular Android launchers, and Action Launcher Apex aims to help users have the purest Android launcher next to it, bringing additional useful features.

Apex’s strengths are beautiful effects, diverse scrolling options, Apex Launcher comes with a convenient theme change tool with many themes available on Google Play and this launcher also supports icon changes, At the same time, there is also very high stability.

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Apax Launcher’s Apk main function:

  • Customize the screen size.
  • Fancy transitions (tablets, cube, …)
  • Hide the parts you want (search bar, status bar, …)
  • Customize icons of shortcuts and folders.
  • Classify Drawer applications (title, installation date, primary use).
  • Hide applications.
  • Backup / restore settings and data.
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets.
  • Points of impact are plenty and free to choose.

Installation Instructions


  • Your smartphone device uses the appropriate Android operating system.
  • The phone must be connected to the internet: 3G, Wifi (recommended).
  • Install from: https://apkpure-app.com via the default Internet browser application on Android phones (Or other browser applications if any)

Steps to follow

  • Go to https://apkpure-app.com, select “Game apps”
  • Enter the game name “Apex Launcher” and click search.
  • Select “Download” to download.
  • Go to the notification section, to check the successful download and select to start installing the application.

AnchorOpening Apex Launcher Apk is not any challenge if you have the right toll and instruction in hand.

You can download this Apk here: https://apkpure-app.com

Enjoy the utmost customizable launcher plugin for Android lovers!