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WPSApp 1.6.43 APK free download for your Android and always update to the latest version. In addition, the Android emulator helps you install WPSApp APK for Mobile.

The WPSApp is an Internet app that definitely will blow you away once you download it to your Laptop or PC.

Though this fantastic app has no official PC version available on Google Play Store, it is still not a barrier preventing you from finding another way to download and have fun with it. Because now, you know about the existence of the APKPure-App.com website, which contains most of the apps on the Play Store. It is compatible with most of the current Windows of PC, such as Windows 7,8,10 OS, Mac OS, Chrome OS; or even a new Windows like Ubuntu OS. Not only the PC but also smartphones or tablets that you can download and play, not differentiate between big and well-known brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Blackberry, or smaller ones like HKphone, Skye…

One notices the players should note is that we only offer the original version and free WPSApp APK and no modifications.

The WPSApp reaches 4.0 stars of average rating from all players over the world on Google Play Store.

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About WPSApp App

Why do we call it WiFi auditing when we really mean stealing our neighbor’s Internet? Well, let’s suppose that some people really do audit networks. In any case, if you want to audit a WiFi network, you could do with this WPSApp, an Android application that checks its security by means of a WPS protocol connection.

But, what is the WPS protocol?

Well, it turns out to be the protocol that allows us to connect to a WiFi network by means of an 8-digit pin number that’s usually defined by the router. And the fact is that in the case of many carriers, that number is known or at least easy to calculate.

This application detects nearby networks and checks if they’re vulnerable. In that case, it generates random pin numbers and applies those that are already known and are incorporated to the app by default. Furthermore, it’s capable of calculating codes for some router models and storing those passwords on our smartphone.

Remember: auditing is OK, stealing isn’t.

And you’re probably wondering how it works… well, really easy, scanning the networks and showing us the following information:

  • Networks with a red cross: they’re safe, with the WPS protocol disabled and we don’t know their default pin number.
  • Networks with a question mark: the protocol is enabled but the pin number is unknown. The app will try out the most usual codes.
  • Green networks: they’re meant to be vulnerable networks with the WPS protocol enabled and with a known pin number that can be used to connect.

However, does that means that we only have to download the APK, install it on our phone or tablet to start downloading movies like mad from BitTorrent? No, it’s not as easy as that: you’ll need at least an Android 5.0 and a rooted phone. And that can be easily done with apps of the likes of Kingroot.

All in all, it’s up to you how to use this tool… let’s hope you only want it to protect your home network or scan those of your neighbors to warn them about possible vulnerabilities.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.

What are you waiting for? Immediately download the WPSApp APK newest PC version to your PC, Laptop, Windows 7,8,10 without hesitation. The most important condition that helps you to enjoy the WPSApp is that the player is required to install an Android Emulator to your Windows 7,8,10 and Laptop like XePlayer. After that, based on the XePlayer, it is super easy to download the WPSApp PC version.

The following guidance will give you the direction to download the WPSApp PC version

1. Download then install an Android Emulator named XePlayer.
2. Run the XePlayer you have done installment.
Download and install the WPSApp on the Google Play Store or by importing the APK file by Apkpure-app.com
Expectantly it is useful for you to install the WPSApp in the easiest way.